The Deal

  • 1 hour session.
  • 10 retouched print ready photos of your choice.
  • Simple online photo review process.
  • Studio or outside, my place or yours.
  • $300
  • Book a Session


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Have a newly renovated skiing lodge and need to update your brochure? A fashion line that requires a new look book? A restaurant with great looking food? Lets talk about it and a quote will be sent for whatever photographic services you require.

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Other Things

I'm constantly taking photos of things in my free time. Here are some nice ones.


My name is Daniel. Raincity Creative is my photographic pseudonym. I live in magnificent New Westminster, British Columbia. I love photography and have been offering my services since 2005. Film is always an option. My fridge is still full of the stuff and I have an arsenal of cameras that can shoot 35mm, 120, 4x5 and even 8x10 negatives if the job requires. As well as photography, I work for a company designing high end lighting products. Oh, I also repair cameras too.


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